Medications That Deplete Nutrients

Our dietary habits and prescription medications are two of the ways in which we load the body with toxins. Overuse or mismanagement of prescription and over the counter medications can deplete nutrients and disrupt metabolism.

Nutritional deficiencies can interfere with the body’s natural detoxifications system. For example, long term use of antibiotic drugs may decrease the natural colonies of healthy microflora in the intestinal tract, which is essential for the proper synthesis and absorption of nutrients in the small intestine.

To avoid an overgrowth of undesirable yeast organisms, such as candida albicans, which produce more toxins in the body, its important to eat plenty of probiotic foods such as yogurt, bananas and onions, particularly after a course of antibiotics.

Some prescription drugs may decrease the amount of B vitamins, particularly folic acid in the body. Your body’s essential stores of calcium and potassium may be depleted by antacids, anti-fungal drugs and anti-inflammatory medication. The resulting nutritional imbalances can cause digestive and metabolic problems and increase toxins in the body.