Causes of Toxin Overload

Feeling sluggish? Have low energy, frequent headaches or breakouts of skin blemishes? Too much caffeine or fast food?

The air we breathe is shrouded in pollution and toxins. We live and work amid plastics and artificial substances and our foods and medications are laden with chemicals, preservatives and artificial coloring.

These toxins are inhaled, ingested and absorbed through our pores into our body. Other toxins are the result of our own natural body reactions and mechanisms. No matter what our lifestyle and habits, everyone can benefit from a detoxifying cleanse involving the bowel, liver and blood at least once a year.

The kidneys, bowels, lungs and skin support the liver in its efforts to eliminate the multitude of toxins, but they too can become overwhelmed and unable to cope. This can leave us feeling ill, drained of energy, suffering from headaches, skin conditions and depleted of nutrients.