6 Ways to Boost Liver Health

Many factors determine whether the liver performs its critical functions well. Too much pressure on the liver from overeating, too much rich or poor-quality food, environmental stresses, overwork or emotional stress can cause liver overload, leading to a decreased ability to clear toxins and hormones and manufacture bile.

Support Liver Health

 Start your morning with fresh lemon juice in water; this helps flush and

decongest the liver and the kidneys.

 Eat beets or drink beet and vegetable juice regularly. Beets are an

excellent liver cleanser.

 Chlorophyll drinks (available at health food shops) can be used regularly

to aid in liver cleansing.

 High quality protein foods are necessary to restore and sustain the liver.

Free-range eggs, fish, raw nuts and seeds and whole grains are


 Nutritional antioxidants such as vitamin E, zinc and selenium are essential

for protecting the liver from free radical damage.

 Liver restoration also requires plenty of fresh air, exercise, adequate rest,

natural foods and plenty of pure water daily. Despite popular belief, other

liquids do not count toward the required water intake.