Using Sage As A Medicinal Herb

To make a herbal mouthwash for a variety of ailments such as inflammation, gingivitis, toothache and sore throats, add 3 grams of sage leaf to 150 ml of boiling water, strain after 10 minutes and then let cool. Gargle or drink the tea a few times a day.

As a supplement 5 ml of sage fluid extract can be diluted in a glass of water and taken three times a day. Sage oil is also used externally, to control excess perspiration by dabbing oil under the arms.

Sage will suppress the yield of breast milk, so nursing mothers should avoid the herb.

Sage Advice

 Soothe inflammation in gum disease, toothaches and canker sores

 Ease sore throats, coughs and asthma

 Helps with mild diarrhea and indigestion

 Reduces night sweats, hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms

 Decreases excess sweating

 An antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agent