Using Hoodia for Appetite Control

Hoodia helps to control hunger and curbs cravings for unhealthy food and excessive eating. However, that does not mean that you will not want to eat at all. Your body still needs nutrition and smaller, balanced meals – feeling ravenous, excessive eating and unhealthy food cravings will be diminished. Not eating all the necessary vitamins and minerals will obviously always be harmful for your health. But eating less and in a more balanced way will improve health and energy levels.

As in all diet regiments, your body will have faster, healthier and long term results if hoodia is taken with a daily exercise and nutritions plans. Weight loss and the time it takes, varies in different individuals. Some may notice results quickly while others need to wait for three weeks or more.

Be cautious when purchasing hoodia pills and supplements because of the flood of fake herbal products on the market. Reputable health food stores also carry dried hoodia plant extracts as well as capsules, teas, either as pure hoodia or with other ingredients such as blood sugar control products. The suggested daily dosage is 400 to 800 milligrams per day, though product types may vary. Once you reach your ideal weight, results from hoodia may last for a few months or more. However, if other lifestyle factors such as healthy, balanced eating and keeping active are not maintained the punds may creep back on.

There are no known side effects of hoodia, though medical testing is still in the early stages. The hoodia herb, like other natural medicinal supplements, is for adult use only and should not be used without consulting a physician or herbalist. Pregnant and nursing women should not hoodia and it should never be consumed with diet pills or medications.