Valerian: Mild Anxiety or Hypertension

Valerian’s calm inducing qualities are found in the root of this plant, which has properties to to not only reduce insomnia but also to calm frazzled nerves, quiet heart palpitations, strengthen the circulatory system, reduce high blood pressure, aid digestion, heal ulcers, relax muscles, relieve anxiety and calm hyperactivity.

In reducing stress and hypertension (high blood pressure), this herb slows a fast heart rate, while increasing the strength of each heart beat, resulting in a more efficient and less strained heart rate and even reducing heart palpitations (uneven heart beats).

Physicians in Guatemala use valerian extracts in herbal preparations to decrease blood pressure. Studies primarily in Germany and Russia have also researched valerian extensively. This research has found that medicinal components in the valerian root target the brain centers that are responsible for suppressing and regulating the nervous center, safely and gently soothing nervous disorders. German physicians have effectively used valerian, for almost 10 years, to treat children with hyperactive behavioral disorders.

Taken as a tea, infusion, elixir, powder or capsule, valerian is a safe and gently effective soothing and calming supplement. It has multiple sedative effects making it a valuable natural medication for insomnia, nervous anxiety and excessive mental stress, and with no side-effects or dangers of addiction. However, as with all medications, herbal remedies are potent drugs and should be taken only with professional advice and by following strict dosage guidelines.

If you’re taking valerian as a tea, avoid boiling the herb as this can reduce its therapeutic effect. Prepare a cup of valerian tea by adding 2 teaspoons of valerian root to 2 cups of warm water. Let stand, strain and warm. Add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten and drinkone cup after dinner and one cup just before going to bed, for best results.